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Cape Surville


Our group of four started the walk from the marked car park 11kms from Murdunna on Hylands Road. With hindsight, we wished we had driven down to the limited parking at the beginning of the track to shorten our 10km round trip, particularly at the end of the day! As it was, we enjoyed the morning stroll along Richardsons Road where clear felling and fire has resulted in colourful re growth of Melaleuca, Hakea and Patersonia (Purple iris) under eucalypts and banksias.

At the end of the road, just past a Forestry Tasmania barrier, the sign indicates “Cape Surville 2 hours return”. This proved highly optimistic as the track was in places steep and rocky, with fallen branches impeding progress. Initially the track wound gently uphill with tantalising glimpses of the sea until it emerged above a cliff face to give views through some Blue gums (Eucalyptus globulus) south to Cape Surville. The track continued upward past a small stand of Oyster Bay Pine. In this vicinity we were able to see, if not catch on camera, a Crescent Honeyeater, Grey Shrike-thrush, and a Dusky Woodswallow with its beautiful dusky brown/pink plumage.

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Tasman National Park Bushwalks. Fortescue Bay to Cape Hauy
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