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Three Capes

proposed bushwalk.

I was trekking in New Zealand when I heard about a new bushwalk in Tasmania. I heard about it from a trekker who didn´t know much about the walk but she at least had a name. "The Three Capes Track", she said. "It´s near Port Arthur." I loved my last walk in Tasmania on Maria Island and this walk sounded every bit as fascinating.

Soon after I returned home from NZ I saw an article in the Good Weekend about the opening of the Three Capes Track on the Tasman Peninsula the images were unbelievable I remember that Maria Island was spectacular but this place looked unreal perched on the edge of the world, shaped by the mighty Southern Ocean.

The stunning coastal scenery of the Three Capes Track included sea cliffs that are among the highest in Australia, views out across the Tasman Sea, Cape Pillar and Tasman Island, Capes Raoul and Hauy, not to mention Crescent Bay.

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Tasman National Park Bushwalks. Fortescue Bay to Cape Hauy
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